2015 Year in Review

2015 has come to a close, and what a memorable year it has been. We appreciate all the feedback and support that you’ve provided us this past year, to help us evolve QuickSchools into what it has become today. And we’ll continue to make improvements with your help.

Here are some highlights on a few improvements made this year:

Students Module

Mass Parent Messaging

Private Messaging


Report Cards

Fees Tracking


Lesson Plans

We also introduced a few new apps:


  • Electronic Signatures
  • Kiosk Mode – For parents to fill in forms on-site
  • Supports PDF on multiple browsers
  • Multiple levels of customizability
  • Supports online payments and integration to Fees Tracking

As always your feedback is super important to us. We have many new features coming out of beta which we’re excited to announce very soon. We hope you’ll be patient with us.

In line with our philosophy, we aim to work on high-demand and high-value improvements first, so that more of our schools can benefit from the work we put out. And for items that are a little more unique (and perhaps less in demand), remember that you can always explore using our Open API to build new apps, modules and integration components.

Happy New Year 2016

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