Transitioning to Subject-Based Lesson Plans

In a previous article, we talked about a new beta version of the QuickSchools Lesson Plans that are now specific to a subject. With this new paradigm, lesson plan sets are automatically created whenever you create a new subject. Although you lose the ability to share lesson plans, lesson plans from previous academic terms are now automatically archived. Also, this new way of using lesson plans works well when you have the new Lesson Date feature enabled. See full article below:

However, if you’re already used to using the previous shareable version of the lesson plans, and you want to transition to the new subject-based lesson plans, the old shareable lesson plans will become archived. And you will immediate start getting NEW lesson plans set for each subject. If you want to re-use some of the older  lesson plan sets, by keeping them linked to the most recent subject, you’ll need to contact our technical support.

To assist in this transition, we’ve created a new report called the “Lesson Plan Subjects” report. This report will show all the subjects that are linked to existing Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plan Subjects Report
Lesson Plan Subjects Report

If there are lesson plans sets that are not linked, or linked to the wrong subject, you can re-link the subjects simply by accessing the Lesson Plans set, and select a subject for it:

Selecting a Subject for the Lesson Plans
Selecting a Subject for the Lesson Plans

The current “Lesson Plans by Subject” is still in Beta. So you’ll need to request it from our tech support, if you’d like to try it out. And we can help you with the transition, if you’d like to move the existing Lesson Plans (instead of archiving them).

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us on this. And don’t forget to contact us if you need help!

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