Never Heard of QuickSchools?

We have a pretty good 90-second Quick Tour video that introduces you to QuickSchools and what we have to offer. But for a more in depth overview, we have a 30-minute demo which we present to schools that are seeing us for the first time. We go over some basic points, some advantages of QuickSchools, as well as the overall philosophy.

Here’s the 30-minute QuickSchools Sales Demo for those who are interested (maybe you can pitch QuickSchools to others):

Some general points to go over:

  • You can sign up for a free trial at any time, with no obligations
  • QuickSchools can be accessed from any modern browser (Mac or PC), including mobile devices
  • We start with a very simple interface, but you can enable features as you go (we try hard not to overwhelm users with the wealth of features that we have to offer).
  • Your trial account comes with test data (via the Test Drive), so you can play around with the modules RIGHT AWAY. Then when you’re ready to enter your own data, there’s a simple button you can press to remove all the test data.
  • Our Gradebook is SUPER easy to use, and includes public and private comments. Grades and public comments can be shared with parents.
  • Most modules come with Video Tutorials, Online Manuals, and best of all Real-Time Live Chat Support. Our chat agents are REAL PEOPLE (not robots) 😛
  • We have an AWESOME custom fields functionality, so you can easily extend the data that you track for students and other modules like disciplinary incidents, lesson plans, inquiries and admissions applications
  • Our report cards are SUPER CUSTOMIZABLE. Don’t see a template that you like, send us a sample of what you’re looking for, and we can help configure your report cards. Check out our blog for some of our more advanced report card setups.
  • Easily manage access to modules for all the users within your organization.
  • Checkout our full-featured Parent Portal, with multiple ways of communicating with parent parents, depending on what you want to communicate (grades, activities, homework and events).
  • We develop new enhancements based on demand. And improvements to our core list of features are included in your subscription. You don’t pay extra for those.
  • We have a complimentary set of modules in our App Store. Sometimes we package new features as Apps and provide them for free. But there are other paid apps as well.
  • With our Open Platform, schools are never limited to a pre-defined set of features. Our core features are always improving, and our App Store constantly growing. PLUS, you can even build your own apps.
  • The key to a successful roll-out is to take your time in exploring your QuickSchools account. We’ve done our best to simplify our features to suit 80-90 percent of our customers. And if there’s something you need that you don’t readily see, come chat with us. We may simply have hidden it (especially if these are Beta features). And even if we don’t have something that you need, we can always pass along your feedback to our engineers and app developers for consideration.

That’s a lot of material to cover in 30 minutes. Please feel free to share our video, and we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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