Admissions vs. Online Forms

We’re rolling out our new Online Forms app for QuickSchools in a big way this summer. You’ve probably seen many articles about it (like the ones below):

And you’ll continue to see many more improvements to the Online Forms app in the weeks to come (we’ll blog about those soon too). But how is the Online Forms app different from the Admissions module which also has an Online Forms component? So here in this article, we’ll make a comparison.

QuickSchools Online Forms App
QuickSchools Online Forms App

First off, let’s go over some similarities between the two modules:

  1. Both handle enrollment of new students, including inquiries.
  2. Both have an Online Forms component, for collecting data submitted online (from a public page).
  3. Both support Email Templates, to correspond with inquiries and applicants.

But that’s pretty much where the similarities end. A key thing to note here is that the Admissions module is included in all subscription plans within QuickSchools, whereas the Online Forms is a paid app. To that end, the Admission module is designed with simplicity in mind, so schools can make use of it quickly. And the Online Forms on the other hand is designed with more robustness of functionality.

Here are some key differences:

Online Admissions Online Forms App
Single Form for Inquiries and Single Form for New Student Applications.Does not handle Re-Enrollment Online Forms for virtually any scenario, including Inquiries, Applications and Re-Enrollment.Supports multiple Forms per scenario.
Supports Custom Fields Supports Custom Fields AND Fillable PDF Forms. Completed/Filled PDF Forms are printable.
Partial support for mapping custom fields to system fields for parents as well as custom fields for students. System fields are available for students only. Custom fields can be mapped to system fields and custom fields for both students and parents.
Email Templates Email Templates
No Support for Online Payments Online Payments via Stripe
Partial support for Fee Tracking Integrates to Fee Tracking
Embedded Java Script for public website Embedded Java Script for public website AND dedicated Public PageForms can also be enabled for Teacher, Parent and Student Portals
Single Step Submission Process Supports Single Step and Multi-Step Submission
Cannot Save Form in Progress. Can Save and Continue when accessed from a portal
Applicants can upload files Support for Uploading Files Coming Soon
Can enroll NEW applicants into QuickSchools Can enroll NEW applicants into QuickSchools AND into other Student Information Systems (via Integration). Can also be used to update existing student and parent records.
Core Module included in all our Subscription Plans Available on our App Store for an additional monthly fee
Designed with simplicity in mind. Keep track of inquiries and applications, and easily enroll students from the Admissions module. Designed with more functionality and flexibility, for the more involved application process. Use the Online Forms for a variety of scenarios like surveys, course requests, updating emergency contacts, etc.


That’s pretty much it. Please feel free to chat in if you have questions. We look forward to your feedback.

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