QuickSchools Gaia Plan for Preschools

Here at QuickSchools, we cater to a wide variety of schools, thanks to the simplicity and flexibility that we have to offer. We keep your student data safe, by employing the latest standard in network security, and by backing up your data both in real-time and daily to a separate secure location. Your data is not shared with any other external parties either.

For preschools in particular, the Gaia Plan is quite useful, as it provides an entry-level set of features which incorporates all the benefits mentioned above. And with our new QuickSchools App Store, you can also pick-and-choose specific apps that suit your school.

QuickSchools Gaia Plan
QuickSchools Gaia Plan

Here are some benefits to starting with the Gaia Plan:

Student Tracking – Keep track of all your student records on a central database available online. Keep track of multiple parents, guardians and emergency contacts. Upload scanned documents, PDF and other files relevant to each student. And with our Custom Fields module, you can keep track of virtual anything, including (but not limited to) immunization and health records.

Teacher Tracking – Keep track of all your teachers / employees. The Teacher Tracking module also supports Custom Fields.

Attendance – The Gaia Plan includes an Attendance Module if you want to keep track of which students are present for each day.

Admissions – We have a fantastic Admissions Module that supports Online Forms that you can post on your website. When visitors fill in your online form, you can get notified via email and all the information gets submitted directly into your Admissions module. The Admissions module has its own set of custom fields, and you can also convert admissions applications into student record automatically.

School Fee Tracking – Keep track of all charges and payments related to each of your students. You can also generate invoices and receipts, as well as financial statements for any period you specify. Statement periods can overlap, so you can produce a monthly statement, a quarterly statement, as well as a yearly statement at the same time.

Excel Reports – All modules come with tabular reports that can be exported to Excel. You can even export your Fee Tracking transactions to be imported into an Accounting system of your choosing.

App Store – Since the App Store was introduced, we’ve had many new apps published in our App Store. As a preschool, you can check out the “Lunch Count” app, the “Lunchroom” app, as well as the “Montessori Assessment” app. We’ll soon be releasing a Sign-In/Sign-Out app as well.

Live Chat and Email Support – With QuickSchools, you’ll enjoy full support services via Live Chat and Email. Remember that our Live Chat Agents are available nights and weekends as well, to help resolve any issues you may encounter.

We invite you to sign up for a free trial, and come chat with us with any questions or comments. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our services. Let us know if you’d like to add the “Mass Messaging” feature to your Gaia Plan.

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