Mass Downloading Report Cards in HTML5

Many schools like to be able to download all their report cards at once in order to print them all together. Since the move to HTML5, it’s become even easier to do just that! If you’re curious about how to download all report cards at once, here’s a short walkthrough.

Downloading the Report Cards

1 – Go to the Report Cards module

2  – Scroll to the bottom of the page & Click the gear button

3 – Click “Custom” & Enter a value greater than the number of students in your school. Click “Ok”.

4 – Scroll back to the top of the page

5 – Click the down arrow & Select “All”,then “Download”

… and now you have your report cards! The next few steps will depend on your computer and your PDF software, but we certainly have some tips on how to handle all that. 🙂

Unzipping  the Downloaded Folder

All the Report Cards will download together in a zipped file. While zipped files are super convenient for holding many files together in a tidy package, they need to be unzipped first before you can print the report cards.

Mass Print the PDFs

Once the Report Cards are unzipped you may be able to print them together from your PC or Mac. Depending on your computer, there are a few ways to try to mass print:

  • Windows: Highlight all files, then right click, then click “print”.

  • Mac: try going to System Preferences → Printers & Scanners and select a printer →  Open Print Queue. Highlight all files and drag and drop them into the window that will appear.

Also, PDF viewers such as Adobe Acrobat usually support ways to combine files for printing. Feel free to try out any option for printing that works best for you. And of course, if you need a hand sorting out the best method, just let us know.

When it’s time for report cards to go out, report cards must go out! For just that moment, we have a quick way to download all at once so you can print them all together, and send those report cards on their way. Of course, if you have any questions or need any help, please do let us know. We’re always here to email or chat 🙂

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