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As you know, with our new App Store, we’ve released some new tools for schools and independent developers to build their own apps. These apps work seamlessly with QuickSchools. However, it’s worth noting that since these apps are developed and built independently, you’ll need an alternate way of providing feedback to these developers to further improve their product. Here are some suggestions:

Rate the App

Once you’ve installed an app, you can leave a rating for that app. Just go to “App Store” > “My Apps”, and you’ll see this screen:

My Apps on QuickSchools App Store
My Apps on QuickSchools App Store

Notice that when you move your mouse over an app, some additional options appear. You can Configure or Uninstall your app from this screen. To leave a comment, click on the “Rate IT” link:

Rate a QuickSchools App
Rate a QuickSchools App

Simply select the number of stars for the app, leave your comments, and click “Save” to submit, and you’re done!

Leave a Comment on the Blog

In many cases, we’ll showcase a few new apps on our QuickSchools Blog as well. Here are some we’ve posted so far:

You’re very much welcome to leave a comment directly into the blog post, and we’ll be sure to notify the original developer about your comments.

Tell us on Chat

Finally, if you have other comments or suggestions about apps, you’re always welcome to chat about it with us via our Online Live Chat feature. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback. And we look forward to seeing you online.

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