New Self-Paced Gradebook

We’ve introduced a new way for entering grades into your Gradebook on QuickSchools. This new style of data entry is by student instead of by subject, and should prove useful for schools that provide self-paced learning for students that are on a similar curriculum. It should also help one-on-one tutoring programs where multiple students undergo the same lessons, but at different times. We’re calling it the new Self-Paced Gradebook.

Here’s what the new screen looks like:

Self-Paced Gradebook
Self-Paced Gradebook

You can now maintain a single Gradebook for all your students undergoing the same curriculum in the same subject/course. After completing a lesson with a student, instead of selecting the subject you teach, you can now instead select the student, and update the grades accordingly. You can also maintain a different set of gradebook dates that is specific to the student. Everything else works pretty much the same.

To turn on the Self-Paced Gradebook, you’ll need to access the “Features” page and click on “Configure” next to the “Report Cards / Gradebook” Module. The Configuration pop-up now has an option to enable the Self-Paced Gradebook:

Turning On the Self-Paced Gradebook
Turning On the Self-Paced Gradebook

If you need help with this, come chat with us. And as always, we value your feedback. Let us know what you think!

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