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Copy Gradebook?

August 9, 2013

You heard it right! You can now create a template of Gradebook columns that you use often, and then very easily copy it into other subjects. Templates can be shared with other teachers as well. Here’s how it works:

Access the Gradebook templates from within your Gradebook by clicking on the Gradebook Templates icon on the right:

Accessing Gradebook Templates

Accessing Gradebook Templates

The pop-up lists all templates available to you:

List of Gradebook Templates

List of Gradebook Templates

Things you can do on this screen:

  • Click “Create Template” to create a new template based on the current Gradebook
  • Click on “Insert” to insert all columns from the selected template into the current Gradebook
  • If you own the template, you can click on it to edit it. You can also “Share” and “Unshare” the template with other teachers.

If you’re able to edit a template, the “Edit Gradebook Template” screen will display columns in the template:

Editing Gradebook Templates

Editing Gradebook Templates

Things you can do on this screen:

  • You can sort the columns by dragging the 4 dots on the left side of the record.
  • You can edit column details like the column name, category and possible marks.
  • You can delete/remove columns from the template.

For right now, you cannot create or edit the calculation for a formula from within the gradebook template. So make sure that the formula is correct within the Gradebook before you create a template from it. If a formula needs to be changed, then you’ll need to create a new Gradebook Template from a Gradebook that has the correct formula calculation set.

We will improve this feature as we get more feedback on its usage. So please, let us know how it works.

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