Reviewing Process Changes

The new school year is fast approaching. Are you ready? Are there any changes you want to make from last year? Perhaps you’re considering a different report card format? Or maybe you want to introduce subject-based attendance (instead of daily attendance)? Well, this is the best time to explore!

Report Card Changes

Remember that our Report Cards are very flexible. We have tonnes of templates to choose from. And if you’re not sure, contact us. Not only can we recommend the best template for you, but we may even be able to customize a completely new template for you as well.

Some questions to help you decide on a template:

  1. Do you want to show just the final grades from the current semester, or do you want to show grades for previous report cards too?
  2. If you want to show grades for multiple terms, how many marking periods do you have? Do you go by quarters, trimester, semesters, or perhaps 6 cycle per year? We can accommodate any style report card.
  3. Do you want to introduce different standards for each subject?
  4. Do you want to show specific categories or areas from the gradebook (not just the final grade)?

Depending on these circumstances, there may be a different template that’s suitable for you. Just come talk to us.

Other Process Changes

No matter what the changes, it’s best to review them over the summer, and plan for the changes before school starts. And we will assist as best we can.

You should definitely check out any new improvements that may assist you. We usually make several improvements over the summer months.

Also, if there’s something missing in QuickSchools that you’d like to see, just let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve. It is our commitment to stay relevant to the market, as serve our schools as best we can.

And even if it’s something that is unique to your school, which may not be in high-demand with other subscribed schools, you can now consider building a custom app via the App Store. You just have to let us know.

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