Admissions and New Enrollments

The summer time is when parents (and even students) start looking to enroll into school. So naturally, this would be a great time for schools to expand their reach to these prospective parents /students. With our Admissions module, you can keep track of inquiries and applications, and manage new enrollment of students. Here are some pointers. as part of our QuickSchools Summer Series:

Step 1:  Enable your Online Admissions Forms

We recently released the ability for schools to post an online form for their Admissions inquiries and applications. Just get your web master or school administrator to post a short javascript code snippet onto your website, and the online form will be available to all your web visitors. You can instantly be notified whenever a form is submitted.

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Step 2: Manage New Inquiries

An Inquiry is essentially a lead, where a student or parent is interested in find out more about your school and your offering. You can keep track of all your communications with the inquirer, making it easier to secure yet another student for your school. Admissions Inquiries can easily be converted to an Admissions Application in QuickSchools, so you can start tracking more information about the student without having to re-enter data.

QuickSchools Admissions Inquiry
QuickSchools Admissions Inquiry

Step 3: Manage Student Applications

You can process new student applications via our Admissions Modules. The status of each application can also be tracked independently. Applications can be Approved or Rejected. Once Approved, the Offer to the student can also be Accepted or Rejected. Finally once Accepted, you can set the status of the Application to “Enrolled”, and this will convert the student application into a student record. Remember, you can also set up your own statuses to track things like “Wait-Listed” or “Pending Documents”.

QuickSchools Admissions Application
QuickSchools Admissions Application

Step 4: Manage New Student Enrollments

Remember that you only get charged for active student records, and not for admissions inquiries or applications. So you’re free to use the Admissions module as much as you’d like. Only convert the student application to a student record, when appropriate. Also, be sure to deactivate records for students who have left as well, so you do not get charged for them.


The Admission Module is a great way to start working on new students for your school. You can start collecting information from students and parents via the Online Form, you can keep track of all communications with inquiries, and you can manage the status of each student application, before enrolling them into the school. If you need more help with Admissions, please come chat with us.

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