Private Messaging for Parents

It’s finally here! QuickSchools has released Private messaging for parents. So parents can now message teachers as well as other parents.

For parents, if the feature is enabled, you should see a new menu called “Directory” on your Parent Portal:

Private Messaging Directory for Parents
Private Messaging Directory for Parents

This menu will list out teachers and parents within the school. Just click on “Send Message” to send a message to the teacher or parent. Also on the top right, is the private message icon. A number will appear here if you have any new messages. Clicking on it will bring you to your Private Messaging menu:

Parent Messaging for Parents
Parent Messaging for Parents

The Private Messaging menu for parents is very similar to that for teachers. You can create new messages from here as well, by clicking on “New Message”. You can select a message from the left, and the message thread will appear on the right. Respond to the message thread simply by using the “Send” button below. Message threads can also be for a group of recipients.

For school administrators, if you’d like to enable this module, you’ll need to go to the “Features” page, and click on “Configure” next to the “Parent Portal” module:

Turn on Private Messaging for Parents
Turn on Private Messaging for Parents

Just make sure the “Parents can send messages to teachers and other parents using QuickSchools” is checked, and you’re all set.

For more information on the Private Messaging for teachers, you can check out our original post here.

As always, let us know of any suggestions to further improve this module.

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