Key to a successful roll-out

We’ve worked with a plethora of schools, each with their own goals when using a school administration system. Some want to gain efficiencies within their internal processes. Some want to solve a specific problem within their organization. Others see it as a competitive edge that can differentiate them from their competitors. Whatever the motivation, once you find that “perfect” system, it’s not always easy to roll it out to your organization.

Adoption of software has always been a difficult problem, for systems in general, especially when there is a wide range of users, each with their own unique skill set and experience. At QuickSchools, we try to simplify the adoption process. So how do we do it?

1 – Keep the application simple

Simplicity is key. We try very hard to simplify the interactions that you have with QuickSchools. For example, entering evaluations for report cards should be intuitive and easy to understand. It should NOT be a string of screens designed to limit data entry errors (but instead creates more work for the user). We’ve learned this lesson, and we’ve incorporated it into our philosophy, so that users can adopt our software quickly and more easily.

2 – Video Tutorials

For parts of the areas that may not be so intuitive, simply because you’re not used to a system, or the process itself is innately complicated, we have video tutorials embedded on the screen. Just sit back, click on play, and let us show you how it works. Videos are also available at

In-Screen Tutorial Videos
In-Screen Tutorial Videos

3 – Online Manuals

For those who prefer to read instructions at your own pace, we also have Online Manuals that can be printed and absorbed off-line. Check it out at

QuicKSchools Online Manual
QuicKSchools Online Manual

4 – Online Chat Agents

Finally, if you just need a quick answer to a burning question, you can just come chat with us. Our chat agents will do what it takes to get you moving in the right direction. Whether it’s a quick hint, or a detailed step-by-step walk through, our Live Chat agents are there to assist you nights and weekends.

QuickSchools Live Chat Support
QuickSchools Live Chat Support

5 – Online Demos / Webinars (upon request)

And if all else fails, we can always request for an online demo / webinar to go over the more complicated aspects of the software. We can use GoToMeeting or Join.Me to conduct the online demo / webinar.

The bottom line here is that we offer The Best Customer Support Service, and we’re really proud of it. We try very hard to listen to what our customers want and need. So if you have any difficulty rolling out QuickSchools, just keep the communication lines open, and encourage all your staff to contact us directly when faced with any questions or problems. We’ll get you there.

Chat with us. We’re here for you…

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