New Private Messaging between Teachers

Hello all,

We’ve just released our new Private Messaging feature, currently only available for teachers. But we’ll soon roll this out to Parents and Students as well, so that Parents and Students can communicate privately with teachers and other staff. Here’s what it looks like:

Private Messaging for Teachers
Private Messaging for Teachers

Just to recap some of the functionality:

  • You can access Private Messages by clicking on the Messages icon on the top right, next to your profile picture
  • You can have a private conversation with one or more other individuals (group discussions are supported)
  • Your inbox is located on the left side. Unread messages are highlighted in red.
Creating a Group Discussion
Creating a Group Discussion

And that’s pretty much it. Again, this feature is currently only available for teachers, but we’ll roll it out to the other portals in a future release. Let us know what you think about this, or if you have any suggestions to improve.

Updated May 24, 2013:

QuickSchools now supports private messaging to parents (if enabled by the school admin). You will now see the option of selecting a parent when creating a new message:

Sending Private Messages to Parents
Sending Private Messages to Parents

Learn more about it here:

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