New Online Manuals

If you haven’t noticed already, there’s a new “Help” link on the top right corner of your QuickSchools screen after logging in, just next to the “Log Off” link. Clicking on this link will take you to our new Online Manuals (currently in Beta). The online manual will appear on a new tab (so you won’t be logged out of QuickSchools):

Online Manual Help Link
Online Manual Help Link

One of the nice things about our new Online Manuals is that not only can you print specific sections, but you can also add/discuss comments. Our copy writers will then incorporate comments into future revisions of the Online Manuals:

QuicKSchools Online Manual
QuicKSchools Online Manual

Please note that the Online Manual is just another resource available to you. Please continue to use our Online Live Chat for questions. We will continue to post tips and best practices, as well as new feature announcements on our blog. So be sure to visit regularly. All videos on our application, blog and online manuals should also be available on our YouTube channel as well.

Here’s our current list of available resources:

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