New 2-Semester Transcript (with 4 Quarters)

Many schools have asked for a very specific type of transcript, where the quarter grades are averaged into a semester grade. GPA and credit are awarded by semester as well (not by quarter). And the transcript only shows grades for the 2 semesters each academic year (and not for each quarter).

Here’s an example of what the transcript might look like:

Sample Transcript
Sample Transcript

Notice that this template also supports the Weighted GPA discussed in a previous article.

To setup this transcript, you will need to perform/verify the following:

1 – New Semester Setup > View All Semesters

This template assumes that you have 4 quarters set up per year (and not 2 semesters). Each quarter will have its own gradebook, and the system will average the final grade for 2 quarters to get the semester grade. Make sure the academic terms are in sequence, based on the start and end dates of the term.

New Semester Setup
New Semester Setup

2 – Transcripts > Transcripts Configuration

You will need to select “Year-based” for this to work. The system will then group the first 2, and the last 2 quarters configured under “View All Semesters” to calculate the semester grade.

Transcript Configuration
Transcript Configuration

3 – Transcripts > Transcript Selection

Go ahead and select the “Consolidated 2-Column Transcript” template, and configure/customize the parameters to your liking.

Transcript Selection
Transcript Selection

When you’re done, you can go to “Transcripts” > “Transcripts” and view a transcript record for a student. The completed format should be similar to the one we showed above.

Good luck. And as always, if you need help, come chat with us!

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