Publishing / Locking Report Cards

The first time you create a new QuickSchools Report Card grading session, they are not viewable by parents. After all, recently created report cards need time to be filled and reviewed. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can then “publish” the report cards by locking it. Just go to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards”, and click on the “Manage” link. Here’s what the pop-up looks like:

Locking/Publishing Report Cards
Locking/Publishing Report Cards

Just click on “Lock Report Cards” to proceed. The first time you lock the report cards, constitutes publishing, and parents will be able to view the report cards from then on.

Unlocking Report Cards

If for some reason, you decide that you need to make changes to a locked/published report card, you can unlock the report cards by going to “Report Cards” > “Setup Report Cards” and clicking on the “Manage” link. Simply click on the “Unlock” link for the appropriate report card session.

Unlocking Report Cards
Unlocking Report Cards

When a report card is unlocked, the report cards will retain all evaluations that were previously published. This means that if the gradebook was recently updated, changes in the final grade calculation in the gradebook will not be reflected in the report card. If you mouse over the marks in the report card, you will see what the locked values are, and what the most recent values are from the gradebook. You would then manually edit the marks / grades in the report card, if desired.

One thing to note though, if the report cards have been locked before then it has been published. And parents will continue to have access to the unlocked report cards, while you edit them.

Activating and Deactivating Report Cards

If for some reason, you want to disallow a parent from viewing a report card, regardless of whether the report card session is locked / unlocked, you can click on the “Deactivate” button for a particular report card. Deactivated report cards can still be edited and worked on. Once you’re ready to enable the report card again, simply click on the “Activate” link.

Activating / Deactivating Report Cards
Activating / Deactivating Report Cards

IMPORTANT: Creating a new Report Card session LOCKS previous report cards

One final note, when you create a new report card session, the system assumes that previous report card sessions are completed. And so previous report card sessions will be locked / published. It is for this reason that we recommend you only create new report card sessions after you have completed any existing report card sessions.

Locking/publishing a report card prematurely not only means that parents can view the report cards before they are technically done, but if you’re using the gradebook, the report cards will take a snapshot of them for display right away.

If you do need to create report sessions in advance, or if you’d like to clear the locked values in a report card (grab the latest gradebook data), come chat with us, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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