New Gradebook Features on HTML5

Hello all,

I thought I’d mention some new features available on the new HTML5 interface available on QuickSchools. If you’re using the old Flash version, you’ll need to upgrade to HTML5 to get these new features. Here is a screenshot of what the new Gradebook looks like in HTML5 (click to enlarge):

QuickSchools Gradebook on HTML5
QuickSchools Gradebook on HTML5

New features include:

  1. You can now edit grades from previous academic terms
  2. You can sort the columns by dragging and dropping the column headers to the appropriate place
  3. For those with large screens, there is now a Full Screen View
  4. Add public or private comments for specific cells
  5. New short cuts to quickly save and add columns (CTRL-S and CTRL-A)
  6. Students who have left/graduated will appear in grey at the bottom of the Gradebook

For those of you still getting acquainted with the Gradebook in general, here are some common features that you can already use:

  • You can set up your own weights for calculating a final grade (including Extra Credit)
  • You can select an existing school-wide grading scale, or set up your own custom scale
  • Final Grades automatically transfer to the Report Cards module

Let us know what you think!

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