New Parent Messaging Board for the Parent Portal

QuickSchools is excited to announce our new Parent Messaging Board, available on our new HTML5 interface. For those of you still on our older Flash version, here’s a good reason to upgrade the HTML5 version.

When a parent first logs into their Parent Portal, here’s what they can see:

QuickSchools Parent Portal
QuickSchools Parent Portal

Notice that in additional to seeing multiple students from the same Parent Portal account, parents can also see upcoming events, and messages posted by the school. Links that appear on the message board are also clickable.

If you are a school administrator or teacher that wants to post an announcement to all parents, you’ll need access to the Parent Portal module. Here’s what the Parent Portal screen looks like for administrators:

Parent Portal Module for Administrators
Parent Portal Module for Administrators

We hope you enjoy this new module. For right now, communication to parents is one-way, and is intended for all parents. In the future, we may be able to post messages to specific groups of parents (perhaps based on the student’s class). Let us know what other improvements you think might be a good additional to this.

8 thoughts on “New Parent Messaging Board for the Parent Portal

  1. […] When communicating with parents, there is this notion of passive vs. active communication. If you think about social media like Facebook and Twitter, you don’t necessarily get an email notification whenever somebody posts an update. Instead, you can log in as frequently as you like to get a snapshot of recent events. This could be daily, or at the end of the week. But at any time, you can drill deeper into specific events. However, you still get notifications for events/activities that may require immediate action, like a Private Message, or an important announcement. […]

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