Guest post (article): Vote Franklin Burns for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

This is an article from Ms. Tam Vo, a parent at Saint Tower Academy sharing a beautiful story on how Mr Burns helped Han, her daughter. You rock Mr Burns! QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

Mr. Franklin Burns and his knowledge in special education helped out my daughter, Han. When we first moved here from Vietnam, my daughter who 10 years old and was in a special behavior class. The ARD committee was not answering my questions. We looked at Mr. Burns’ school, Saint Tower Academy, but it was too unstructured for her at the time as Mr. Burns too the time to explain to use why his school would not be the ideal place for her at the time. We asked Mr. Burns to review her IEPs from the campus and explained to us the type of program she needed. He attended the next ARD meeting with us as we were still scared for the safety of our daughter and we were not informed on how the campus was going to handle Han not speaking any English at all.

We spent many ARDs talking to the campus about how they were going to address her needs instead of simply “speech language therapy.” They could not tell us how she was going to be taught to understand English let alone understand what she needs to learn to read her environment. We came to the United States to give our daughter a better education than what she was receiving.

Mr. Burns took his time communicated wit the ARD committee what we wanted and what the school needed. Mr. Burns understands student needs and knows how to speak to parents very well about articulating what they need. He is willing to give up his time to sit with the parents even to determine if Saint Tower Academy is not the school for our daughter.

My husband and I were very grateful when we found Mr. Burns through another parent and he helped guide us and understand the special education law and what all the assessments determined. If Han ever reaches a level where she can attend Saint Tower Academy and be able to be taught by Mr. Burns, I will gladly do have her attend.

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