Guest post (15 videos): Vote Krystal Watson for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

Here’s a collection of 15 videos from the sweet students at Annoor Academy, pulling out all the stops to help their Tr Krystal Watson win the QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award. QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

Kindergarten class votes!

1st graders want Tr Krystal to win.

Lamis from 8th grade votes for her Tr Krystal.

Nabihah from 8th grade votes for her Tr Krystal.

Mariam from 8th grade votes for her Tr Krystal.

The 1st grade class votes for Teacher Krystal Watson.

Listen to Laith vote for Krystal Watson.

Now from Khalid and Amin’s turn to support their teacher.

Here’s Tanisha from 1st grade with her vote!

Kindergarten class showing their support.

More from the Kindergarten class.

Fatma from the 8th grade votes for Krystal Watson.

It’s the 5th and 3rd graders turn to vote!

Students at Annoor showing support for Teacher Krystal.

And the last one in this group of videos is from the Kindergarten class.

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