Guest post: Vote Chris Johnson for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

This one will go down as a classic! What a witty composition from a teacher at CCA. Vote for Chris Johnson hereQuickSchools is a fully-online school management system.

There is no quick and easy way
To talk about our Mr. J.
Yet I must try my best to say
Why he deserves your vote today.

If a poem could summarize
Why Mr. J should get the prize
Then I would gladly volunteer
To write down what you need to hear.

The problem is – he’s just too great!
A team of poets, working late
Would struggle to enumerate
And finish by the deadline date!

Where to begin? How does one start?
His epic-ness is off the chart!
No one else could play his part-
He leads us with a lion’s heart!

He teaches Bible, history, lit.-
But no- that’s not the half of it!
The shoes he wears -who else could fit?
He’s a man of steel and grit!

He’ll trim the hedge and shovel snow.
Before and after school you know
You’ll find him working long and late
The man has so much on his plate!

Here’s something you would never think –
He can fix the bathroom sink
And paint the walls from gray to pink.
From no job will this great man shrink!

Counselor to one and all,
In our eyes he’s ten feet tall!
We know that we can always call
On Mr. J so we won’t fall!

Overwhelmed and want to quit?
Mr. J won’t hear of it!
His encouragement will fit
And help you climb out of the pit.

A humble man with standards high
Let’s write his name across the sky!
And even though this poem is lame,
He still deserves a bit of fame.

So put a sticker on his wall-
Make it enormous – after all
You know that no one can be found
To match our hero the whole world ’round!

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of stuff
About this man, but not enough
Can e’er be said to fully list
His qualities – you get the gist!

It’s obvious why I recommend –
His accolades just have no end.
And so the message that I send
Is “Vote for Mr. J” – the end!

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