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Guest post: Vote Krystal Watson for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

May 5, 2012

What a sweet poem Tashfiya Sadique, a 7th grader at Annoor Academy wrote in dedication to Teacher Krystal. QuickSchools is a fully-online school management system. You can vote for Krystal Watson here.

Here’s a special poem dedicated to you:

Tr. Krystal,

I’m happy that you’re my teacher;

I enjoy each lesson you teach.

As my role model you inspire me

To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;

Every day you are planting a seed

Of curiosity and motivation

To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;

I’m thankful for all that you’ve done.

I admire you each day, and I just want to say, As a teacher, you’re number one!

7 Comments leave one →
  1. Judy Housley permalink
    May 5, 2012 9:57 pm

    Yep that sounds just like Krystal….how awesome that even the young ones recognize how great you are!

  2. anonymous permalink
    May 9, 2012 3:00 am

    woo tr. krystal

  3. anonymous permalink
    May 9, 2012 3:00 am

    tr krystal of the year

  4. Amira permalink
    May 10, 2012 9:34 am

    Tr Krystal is an aweome teacher! she has helped us so much throught the year

  5. May 15, 2012 5:32 am

    Tr.krystal is an awesome teacher!! She helps us with AR and she is the best teacher ever and I thankyou for all of your help!!!

  6. shanshal permalink
    May 16, 2012 10:39 pm

    Tr. Krystal… you are amazing!!

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