Guest post: Vote for Paula Randall for QuickSchools Teacher of the Year 2012!

This is guest post from Silvia Terre-Rivas, a colleague of Paula Randall at Regional Learning Academy.  Paula is in the running for the QuickSchools Teacher of the Year award. Vote for her hereQuickSchools is an online school management system.

I believe Mrs. Randall deserves the honor of teacher of the year because of her comprehensive work with expelled students throughout the school year, as well as her passion and love for imparting knowledge.  Mrs. Randall thoroughly enjoys learning new material to continually enhance her students’ learning, while growing professionally as well.  She has always made her students’ success her number one priority and continues to persevere forward, so that her students may achieve at the highest level.

Mrs. Randall brings a great deal of enthusiasm to her classroom when she teaches and always tries to impart that enthusiasm for learning towards her students.  She makes learning fun and enjoyable for all learners, while maintaining focus on the state standards as well as her objectives for each class.  She brings a new light to learning that encourages her students to try their best.

Mrs. Randall continually strives to take a leadership role within the school and community in hopes to better her students’ overall education.

She makes every child her priority and does her best to pinpoint how that particular child will learn best.  She wants all of her students to succeed in her classroom and in life.  I believe Mrs. Randall deserves the honor of teacher of the year, not only because she is a hard worker, but because she strives for the best for her students.

Silvia Terre-Rivas

Regional Learning Academy

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