References for ISNA schools

The ISNA conference is just a few days away. I just thought I’d share some references and quotes from a few of our ISNA schools.

Daarul Uloom Islamic School, Peoria IL


“The Quickschools program has made computation of grades, generating report cards, and communication among teachers much easier.  The program is user friendly and the customer support is always quick to answer our questions and very helpful.  We have seen great benefits from using Quickschools this year, Alhamdulillah.” – Principal, Daarul Uloom, Peoria, IL

Al-Noor Sunday School, Bossier City LA

Quotes from staff:

“Amazing and very friendly customer support taking us step by step on any task we get stuck on. Their almost constant availability online and rapid responses have saved the day for us on many occasions :)”

“Since we started using Quickschools secretary work became much more efficient and creative too:)”

“Very honest, patient and straightforward people masha’Allah, thank you very much!!!”

Other references:

  1. School: Annoor Academy, Knoxville TX
  2. School: Foundation for Knowledge and Development, Hollis NY
  3. School: Wellspring Elementary, Queens NY

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