QuickSchools Report Card Features

So what’s possible with the new QuickSchools report cards module? Here we discuss some of the Report Card features.

One of the main improvements is being able to see what your report card looks like as you’re editing it. The screenshot below shows the report card screen. You would simply click on the areas that you want to edit (most of these are pre-filled based on the Gradebook and Attendance modules), and then type in what you want.

Report Card Features

The report card above was configured using the Three Four Galore template. There are multiple templates to choose from, each with it’s unique set of configuration elements. Each template is designed to suit a particular kind of style / purpose. Find the one that’s best for you. Here are some other features not highlighted in the screenshot above:

  • Subjects can be hidden or sorted
  • You can have different templates / configurations for different grades within the same marking period
  • You can grade by student (as seen above) or by subject (where all students are listed together)
  • Parents do not see report cards until report cards are published/locked
  • After report cards are published/locked, you can still hide/withhold specific report cards from parents

If for some reason, after looking over all the various templates, and tinkering with the configuration elements, you still can’t get the report cards looking exactly like how you’d like it, come chat with us. Send us a sample report card, and we’ll see if we can do something for you.

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