What’s up with my Screen?

Adobe Flash can be a little quirky at times. It’s a great front end tool, but can be susceptible to browser issues. If you come across problems with how things look like on your screen, you can try one of the following:

Reset your Zoom

Often times, you may have your browser zoom turned on and you wouldn’t even know it. One of the symptoms is that the screen is cut off to the side. A quick remedy to reset your zoom is to hold down the CTRL key and press 0 (the number zero). That will reset the zoom for you.

Reload the Module

In some cases, if you lose your internet connection momentarily, a screen may not have completely loaded, leaving it blank. A quick remedy for this is to reload the module by holding down the SHIFT key and then clicking on the menu item. This will reload the Flash files from the server again

Clear Your Browser Cache

If you’re still having problems despite the fixes above, or if your Live Chat window is missing, you should try clearing your browser cache. Clearing your cache forces the browser to reload web pages again, including the Live Chat widget. The steps to clear your browser cache will differ slightly based on the actual browser. Check out this link for the exact steps:


Try another browser

If all else fails, try another browser. We highly recommend Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox is a good alternative as well. And if that still doesn’t work, send us an email at support@quickschools.com, or chat with us, and we’ll do the best we can to assist.

We’re hopeful that a lot of these problems will go away once we upgrade to HTML5. Rest assured our engineers and our support staff will continue to strive to make your experience with QuickSchools a pleasant one.

Updated: June 26, 2013

Since moving to HTML5 (from Flash), most of these are no longer an issue, except for Clearing your Browser Cache, which is useful if your Live Chat window does not load properly.

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