What makes QuickSchools different?

If I had to summarize what makes QuickSchools different, 2 things pop in mind:

Made for smaller schools

We’ve peeled away at the complexities that make larger systems difficult to use, and we’re left with a simple and easy-to-use school management system. With our focus on simplicity, we can ensure that everything works well.

Start with a basic version that works off the bat (even produce report cards within minutes of signing up), and slowly customize specific modules to fit your needs. Most schools don’t need a lot of configuration, and can start using the system right away. You can also start using certain modules first, and roll out the other modules later as you get more comfortable.

Even though we’re designed for K-12 schools, our subscribers include language schools, after school programs, small colleges, and vocational/training institutes. If you’re a small school, or if you like a simple system that’s easy-to-use, you have to try us out!

Exceptional Service / Support

You won’t know it until you try it. Our Live Chat support agents are amazing, and they’re available to all users, all the time. Don’t believe us? Come chat with us. We’ll help you get started. And if there’s a feature that you want that we don’t have, our Live Chat agents will send your feedback to our engineers for consideration into a future release. We prioritize new features and enhancements based on demand, and we don’t charge anything extra for it. It’s all part of your subscription.

We hope you’ll give us a try. To sign up for a free trial, select a plan from the Pricing Page at the link below:


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