Share the love!

Did you ever notice the “Share the love!” link near the top right of your screen? If you think you know of a fellow educator who would benefit from using QuickSchools at their school, simply send them a message via the “Share the love!” button and we’ll do the rest.

We hope through your recommendation, they’ll give QuickSchools a try and fall in love with us, or more like with our our sweet attendance or smooth gradebook modules. 🙂

And should everything work out and they subscribe at the end of their trial, your school will get 50% off it’s monthly subscription for 2 straight months. And we think your principal should share those savings with you for a fun activity for your class. But hey, that’s just our opinion… 🙂

With all sincerity, thanks so much for helping spread the word about QuickSchools. We just want to keep on delighting more schools around the world by giving them the best online student information system they’ve ever experienced!

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