Transcripts Module: View and Edit Student Transcript Data with Ease

Our student transcripts module has been out quite recently and we’re glad that many of our customers have adopted it very quickly. Thanks! We’ll continue to introduce improvements to the module as we get more feedback from the field.

The transcripts module is available through the  Apollo and Athena plans and offers several valuable features, which are further described below.

First off, our transcripts module automatically creates your students’ transcripts from the gradebook data which greatly simplifies things for many a school administrator!

Easy Viewing

The transcripts module automatically pulls each student’s information from the system’s gradebook data into an easy to view format. From the module’s main screen, you can quickly locate a specific student and click to either view or download a pdf of the student’s transcript to use for your intended purposes. The default transcript details are laid out in an easy to read and well-structured format to locate all necessary information.

easy viewing and editing of student transcripts

Multiple Student Transcipts Templates

We understand that each school is unique and this is why we’ve included multiple transcript templates in the module. The default template features a portrait layout and includes several customization options.

different templates for your student transcripts

If the module’s default format isn’t sufficient for your needs, you can easily choose one of the other available templates with a more suitable layout. The other available template formats include portrait and landscape options for either 4-year or 2-semester time periods.

choose templates for your student transcripts

Simplified Editing

In addition to choosing one of the other available templates, you can also directly edit transcript details by clicking on a student’s name from the module’s main screen. Editable fields within this screen include, among others, the adding and deleting of subjects and editing of subject details such as subject names and credit hours.

edit your student transcripts easily

These changes will then be reflected when reviewing the student’s pdf transcript. The editing capabilities will help ensure that each student’s transcript is sufficient for your needs and will be laid out in your preferred format.

The transcripts module is yet another valuable tool offered in the suite of products. From simplified editing options to easy-to-view pdf downloads, the transcripts module will meet your student data collection needs. View the brief preview video below to see the module’s features in action.

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