New Student Portal Released

For those of you who asked us for a Student Portal (usually, in place of a Parent Portal), wait no more. QuickSchools has just released a first version of the Student Portal module.

As with the Parent Portal, the Student Portal is available on the Apollo Plan and above. To activate it, as the School Administrator, go to the “Features” page, and click on the check box next to “Student Portal”.

Student portal school management system
This is where you can turn on the Student Portal module for your school.

You can assign additional users the ability to invite students by configuring the module, as you would with the other modules. Once the feature is configured, privileged users will see a new menu called “Student Portal”.

When you click on the “Student Portal” menu, the top section of the screen will show the email invitation you can send to your students. The bottom section shows a list of students. Just add email addresses as necessary, and invite away. The system will email the students a username and password, which they can then use to view their records and grades. Unlike the Parent Portal, students can only see their own records (parents can see records for all their children).

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