Continuous improvement

It’s the summer season again and we’re revving up efforts to help many of you setup your very own QuickSchools account for the new academic year. Like last summer’s ‘batch’ of schools, many of you seem to have done plenty of research on student management systems or student information systems and we’re absolutely thrilled that you’ve decided to go with us!

There is also a handful who’ll be migrating from your previous school information system provider and we’re gonna do our best to make sure that you will be happy with this decision for months and years to come. 😉

As we take a moment to reflect on the past year, the biggest milestone for us must be our new version which was launched just under a year ago. Our fully online philosophy has been gaining tremendous traction and we’re encouraged further by your kind support and of course invaluable feedback. The entire QuickSchools suite has gone through multiple tweaks and slowly but surely, we’re getting better and better – again thanks to the great feedback and patience form everyone. I think by now, everyone totally appreciates that QuickSchools will always be a constantly evolving student information system that strives to respond effectively to our customers all over the world.

Many if not all of you guys have seen this first hand. Just take our attendance module for example. It was designed to be a simple attendance tracker at first in that we thought you guys just wanted to know if the student was simply present or not.  Alas that was a bit too simple! So it’s gone through a few iterations and you can now take attendance by class, by homeroom, by subject and by period and you can also start taking attendance on behalf of any teacher in the school. It was an absolute pleasure for us to see how the software was adapting to your needs and the best compliment for us is when you started using the new features!

We have recently released the upgraded Mass Parent Messaging feature too. I’m not gonna spill the beans here just rest assured that it is slick and the parents will be impressed… we hope you will be too.

There are also many other improvements, small and big which have been well received by you. That being said, we are fully aware that we have our journey ahead of us. But if the past 12 months is anything to go by, we’re confident that the next 12 months will be even better, smoother and more polished – especially with the unveiling of the Athena plan later this Fall.

It has been such a pleasure working with our partners this last 12 months and we at QuickSchools look forward to another fantastic 12 months!

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