Part 1: The Journey, The Adventure

How time flies when you’re having a good time!

We started our journey a mere month ago. Ready with our roll bags in hand, backpacks, laptops and not to forget, some chocolate bars, we headed off to our first out of 8 exciting conferences.

Marking our first pit stop in North Carolina, we made our way up and down the country and made our final conference stop in Florida – and that’s only half the story.

Here’s a quick look at the conferences we attended :

Oct 25th – 27th, NCAEE 2009 Conference
North Carolina Association of Elementary Educators

Oct 29th – 30th, FACCS / IACCS 2009
Florida Association of Christian Colleges & Schools

Nov 2nd, VAIS 2009
Virginia Association of Independent Schools

Nov 5th – 6th, ISACS 2009 Annual Conference
Independent Schools Association of the Central States

Nov 9th, AIMS Annual Fall Conference
Association of Independent Maryland Schools

Nov 12th – 13th, FLOCS/ACTS National Educators Conference
Florida League of Christian Schools

Nov 16th – 17th, CAIRS 25th Annual Conference
Conference for Administrators of Independent and Religious Schools

Nov 19th – 20th, FCIS 54th Annual Convention
Florida Council of Independent Schools

There’s just so much to talk about that fitting it all in 1 blogpost would not do justice, so we’re going to break it up into 2 parts and this shall be named Part 1 : The Journey, The Adventure

We had a vision and with that we went on a mission.

That all small schools out there will be able to run and manage their school using a comprehensive and complete school management system that is specially designed based on their needs.

To introduce and spread the word about QuickSchools to all these small schools and to let them know that they don’t have to invest heavily in a software (or bulky hardware) to manage their school excellently.

This was our second year at some of the conferences and this time we brought along something special for the conference participants (and everyone else for the matter) – A new, FREE plan called the Iris Plan.

The Iris plan hosts the basic features that ALL schools need: student tracking and fee tracking features. This plan is a gift because we came across quite a number of schools that need just the basics to manage their schools well. The Iris plan is free forever! We even had a little something for those who were not looking for a school management system for their school, gift ‘songket’ boxes!

To be continued – Part 2 : The Journey, The Adventure
In the next post we’ll share some pictures that we took at the conferences – so look out! you might be in them 😉


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