Fun recycling projects for preschoolers

Let’s usher in a greener year!

Kids should be taught the importance of recycling from a very young age and the best way to instill this is by having fun activities that highlight the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Here are some fun ideas you can try with your students:

Class outing
Take your students on a field trip to a recycling plant. Not only would they enjoy watching the big machines working on recycling everyday rubbish, but they would also get a chance to understand how differently each material is treated.

Having visitors
Have someone from the local recycling center come to talk to your class about the importance of recycling.

Recycling egg cartons
Use old egg cartons as paint holders for your students to use. Firstly, they work better than palettes as the colors don’t run together. Secondly, it would inspire your students to re-use other items that usually get thrown away.

Donut holes
Explain to your children that the hole cut from donuts used to go to waste until someone thought of selling them. Ask them if they know of anything that goes to waste that could be used. To drive home the point give them donut holes for snack-time.

Bubble wands
Instead of using a normal bubble wand, get creative by using berry baskets or six pack soda rings to blow bubbles. These can easily be dipped into shallow bowls of bubble solution and easily be lots of fun for the kids. =]

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