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From the moment we went to the uservoice website, we knew it was exactly what we wanted to use. If you (our customers) want something to change, or you have a great idea for QuickSchools, this is exactly where you should go.

A little bit about uservoice


Uservoice is an aggregator of customer feedback . It helps you submit ideas, keep track of how you’re ideas are doing and vote for other great ideas too. Uservoice then emails you when one of your ideas for change has been completed, or even if someone else has voted for it.

Here’s how you can make yourself heard


This feedback button sits at the side of both the website and the application. Both lead to the same web-page (below). So if you see a feature that can be improved look for that feedback tab on your screen and tell us about it.

Uservoice will then guide you to the central feedback page for QuickSchools and give you highlights of all the other changes that have been submitted.


You then type your suggestion into the idea box, check if anyone else has made a similar suggestions, and then add it right in. Of course, if you’re idea has already been submitted, all you’d need to do is vote for the same idea.

Here’s why we think you should totally be on it!


We think it’s a brilliant way of getting our users to have some level of influence on the kind of improvements that we make to the QuickSchools service. What’s even better is that you not only get to submit ideas, that can make QuickSchools great, but you also get to vote for what’s important for you.

In turn, what this helps us do is focus on enhancements that have the most votes i.e. enhancements that will make a change for not one by many users.

Do I need to sign up?

Not really. You can still make suggestions and even vote without an account.

However, signing up is good because uservoice can use your email address to update you about your suggestions. E.g. you will get an email when your suggestion has been marked for implementation by the quickschools team. You’d even get an email when someone else thinks your idea is a great one and has voted for it.

Help us, help you.

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