Attendance for multiple periods

We now have period based attendance!

Over the course of the last two months we discovered that some smaller schools had a need to mark attendance for both halves of the day.. and some for all 7 or 8 periods. With all this valuable information at hand we decided to add a couple of features to make your life easier through period based attendance.

Switching it on
On configuring the attendance feature, you should be able to see the following section. Simply place a check-mark in the box provided.


Here’s how you can start tracking attendance
Once the setting has been activated, your attendance screen will now have a new space to enter the number of periods you need to track of.


The figure you enter will then be translated into a set of periods on the screen. See the illustration below:


Hope you find the new change useful =]

Just so you know we’re also working on improving the attendance feature to include subject-based attendance so look out for future updates.

Your suggestions make all the difference to how QuickSchools works, so if you have ideas to make it better, do head over to our Feedback page and suggest away.

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